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“Boredom is your window on the properties of time that one tends to ignore to the likely peril of one’s mental equilibrium. It is your window on time’s infinity. Once this window opens, don’t try to shut it; on the contrary, throw it wide open.”

— Joseph Brodsky

When’s the last time you felt bored? I mean really bored where you didn’t know what to do with yourself? I bet you can’t remember. That’s because we’re not bored anymore. We fill our empty moments with gadgets. Think about the last time you were in line at a coffee shop. If you’re like me you probably pulled out your phone to flip through Instagram.

Something in me changed this Summer.

I started paying attention to moments of boredom. I started breathing it in and passing precious moments in utter awareness of my boring surroundings. A funny thing happened in boredom. I started to experience peacefulness and out of those peaceful moments creativity bubbled to the top. More and more ideas began to emerge.  I explain more in this video.

Now I’d love your take on this, specifically:

When was the last time you felt boredom and what did you do to fill that space? Are you scared of being bored? 

I’m particularly interested in the question about being scared because I’ve suffered from this. The idea that you might need to face a part of yourself in those quiet moments. Share your thoughts on the YouTube video and subscribe if want become a part of our growing community.

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