Clayton Morris teaches you how to build wealth outside of the corrupt government banking system by investing in assets that aren’t manipulated by the corporate elites. Clayton helps you navigate the amazing world of crypto currencies along with other performing assets that can help your family build legacy wealth.

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Giving the slip to the 9-to-5


When I was a kid, my dad lost his job. As a 1-income family, it was really scary for a while. My dad eventually got another job, and everything worked out fine in the end. But that was a scary time for everyone.

Can you relate? Everything’s going fine, then all of a sudden, someone pulls the financial rug out from under you.

I know I can.

Flash forward a few decades, and I’m working a dream job for a major network as a news anchor. I’m making great money, but I’m always worried. What if I lose my contract? What if the show gets canceled? What if, what if, what if…

That’s when I started learning investing in rental real estate. Bit by bit. Year by year.

And by age 40, I had built up as much passive income as I was making in my 9-5 job.

So I quit. I gave the 9-to-5 the slip. And I never looked back.

And let me tell you…life is really good on the other side.

Join me?