Most people have a bunch of money sitting in their 401(k). And in almost every situation and it’s sitting there collecting dust. What if you could borrow some money out of the account to buy a cash flowing rental property? You can. Here’s how you do it without any penalties.

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  • Investors Beware says:

    Here is what Natali and Clayton are attempting to suppress – they have destroyed peoples lives. Morris Invest is a horrible business. How Natali and Clayton live with no guilt and go on taking money from more innocent people is beyond understanding. Their kids will grow up and see the truth of what their parents did.
    Read this and you will see:

  • Morris is Con Artist says:

    Google Clayton Morris or Morris Invest and see and read what really is going on… Clayton fled the U.S. to Portugal in a disgrace of fraud and lack of being an ethical businessman. He took and profited from innocent investors who lost a lot of their savings. Clayton and Natali Morris have no remorse, they are disgusting.
    Here is Clayton Morris’ Wikipedia page which just scratches the surface of all the decent.

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