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What Do Setbacks Teach You About Yourself? – Episode 538

By Oct 23, 2019 No Comments

Setbacks are a part of any business, and real estate investing is no exception. When many new investors experience problems in their business, it can be easy to begin spiraling into fear, regret, and insecurity. On today’s show, Natali and I want to talk about what these setbacks can teach you about yourself.


If you’ve ever gone through a hardship in your business, and found yourself regretting purchasing real estate, this episode is for you. You’ll learn about appropriately managing your expectations, how to get through a tough time, and the importance of thinking of your setbacks objectively. Please join us for episode 538 of Investing in Real Estate!

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Book a call with our team: https://goo.gl/qr6iat  Show notes: http://morrisinvest.com/episode538


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