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I’m a sucker for a great story. I don’t care what it’s about – if it’s compelling, I want to hear about it. That’s why I’m so excited about this new daily sports podcast from Wondery and The Athletic. It’s called ​The Lead​, and it’s a sports show for everyone: from die-hard fans to people like me who just love a ​good​ story.

Every weekday morning, ​The Lead​ will bring you one big story from the Athletic’s all-star team of local and national sports reporters. Some stories will be a fresh take on a major news event, and other episodes will feature an in-depth look into what’s been happening off the field.

From a story about how the Ice Bucket Challenge started with a women’s volleyball team, to the intersection of sports and mental health, ​The Lead​ is your daily lens into the biggest stories of the day, told by the people who write them.

The Lead​ is hosted by sports writer Kavitha Davidson and Peabody award-winning journalist Anders Kelto, who will take you behind the scenes with comprehensive reporting and exclusive interviews you won’t hear anywhere else.

You’re about to hear a preview of The Lead that takes a deep dive into the Tampa Bay Rays fanbase and what the future of the team could look like. While you’re listening, go subscribe to The Lead on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you’re listening for your daily dose of sports. There’s also a link in the episode notes that will take you there.

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