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How to Set Up Your Trusts to Protect Your Assets with Bruce Mack – Episode 551

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How to Set Up Your Trusts to Protect Your Assets with Bruce Mack – Episode 551

Podcast: Invest In Real Estate

As a real estate investor, asset protection is incredibly important. Most business owners get sued at some point, so it’s critical to ensure that you have the right protection in place, proactively! On today’s show, we’re diving into the world of trusts with Bruce Mack!


For over 25 years, Bruce has been a successful real estate investor. He is also one of the nation’s foremost authorities in financing, credit, and other financial services. At Platinum Trust Group, Bruce and his team help their clients establish trusts that eliminate the need for liability insurance, protect assets, and become virtually lawsuit-proof. On today’s show, Bruce is sharing what you need to know about setting up a trust, and how to determine if a trust is right for you!


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