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A Slowing But Growing Economy with Kathy Fettke – Episode 587

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A Slowing But Growing Economy with Kathy Fettke – Episode 587

Podcast: Invest In Real Estate

In real estate investing, there’s a lot of talk about the future of the market. In fact, there’s been talk of an impending recession for years. And although no one can confidently predict what will happen, today’s guest is an honest and reliable source!


Kathy Fettke is a real estate investor, author, podcaster, and co-founder of the Real Wealth Network. Kathy always has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the real estate market. On today’s show, she’s discussing how to make money with a wealth mindset, and what you need to know about the economy. Additionally, you’ll learn about how to make smart choices as an investor, and what to look for in a stable market!


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