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4 Resources for Investors to Stay Ahead – Episode 630

Savvy investors know the importance of understanding market trends and what’s happening in the real estate industry. In order to build financial intelligence, you should be paying attention to current events and the state of the economy.


However, one problem investors may run into with the mainstream news is that a lot of the content about the real estate market is written for real estate agents or consumers. It’s important to evaluate news through the lens of a real estate investor. On this episode, I’m sharing four of my favorite resources for staying ahead of the market.


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  • Jake Greathouse says:

    Im a subscriber to your channels and I’ve seen a gold investment commercial before on some YouTube episodes and unfortunately I was not able to write down the information down to research. I was wondering if you could reply with the IRA gold investment information as hedge against market decline and US dollar deflation.
    Thank you 😊

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