Clayton's Keynote Topics:

Approaching Your Career With Authenticity

As a network news anchor, Clayton has had to learn the art of presenting himself to millions of people. But not just any version of himself: his authentic self. When we approach our careers as if there is a suit to step into, a pattern to follow, and a person to imitate, we easily lose track of our true selves and our true virtues. Clayton has had to learn this the hard way: by pretending to be a news anchor until he really was a news anchor and learned how to approach each show with authenticity. Clayton argues that too often we do what we think we should to the detriment of our careers. He believes that we can all do our jobs better, with more happiness and productivity, if only we do it from an authentic place. He shares how he learned to do this and how others can too.

Sane Productivity

Clayton covers technology for Fox News and became obsessed with the idea of using technology to be more productive. He developed ReadQuick, the first speed-reading app for iPad in order to get through the hundreds of news articles he has to read to prepare to anchor his show. As a lover of life hacks, it was a hard lesson for him to one day realize that too many high-tech tools were making him uneasy, anxious, and less productive as a result. In today’s world of total automation, how do we stay connected to ourselves and the natural rhythm of our bodies in order to achieve satisfying productivity? If happiness is the pursuit of meaningful goals, how do we pursue them slowly and intentionally? Clayton shares how he learned to balance his love of high-tech automation with a respect for his body’s need to be slow and methodical about his goals. He shares ideas and tips for being productive while also staying sane.

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